Black To The Basics

What you are about to review is a revelation of nothing new; reality is as a matter of “fact” is a cry for freedom. These are records of “facts” revised into a plague of falsehoods, manipulating an entire society, deemed as necessary to correct said cry for freedom, which is anything but.

Truth is the only element that can free your soul. In Truth is clarity of creation and what we all desire. In the search for Truth, Black 2 the Basics is a guide. Its purpose is to perceive Truth, which assists the mind, heart and soul to allow freedom to ring. Power belongs to the PEOPLE. The devil is the one who devalues life, as many have and will claim the devil made them do it. The devil’s reply will be, “I made you do nothing, I just called your name and you came”.

Below are some readings Dr.SanMan recommends everyone to read in order to learn about the impact black people have made on society, and the laws and other tactics that were created to bring them down.

The legacy of Timbuktu, Africa’s oldest university | Celebrating Being Zimbabwean ( 

Beethoven: The Black-a-Moors of Europe | Rasta Livewire (

How the civil rights bill of 1964 destroyed the black family    11. ABS Producers.5 Ways Integration Underdeveloped Black America.” Atlanta Black Star, n-underdeveloped-black-america/.

RACE – A Project of the American Anthropological Association,         https//  


She is the Key

She Is The Key

In the book of Revelations, the 12th chapter, the fourth verse, it speaks of a pregnant woman running in the wilderness.  A dragon is after her to devour her child before it is born.  The dragon knew that from the womb of that woman would be a man child that would rule the nations with a rod of iron.  Since ancient times, poetic and philosophical writers have referred to the government as the dragon, leviathan or some great beast of destruction.  Government seeks to lock our children up younger and younger everyday.  How many single mothers in this world are running into the wilderness, so to speak, of modern times?

God mad a man (XY) taking from him woman (XX) exemplifying science.    When the man looks ath the woman he is looking at himself.  iif the man disrespects the woman he is disrespecting himmseld and our children suffer deterring man from his creator 

Future Books

Religion believe it or not

After they discovery of the world wasn’t flat as the so-called indigenous person of the world already were aware of that fact. This tribe of people set out to conquer the world in the glory of their enlightenment. This word religion derived from Latin as the scholars argue in it’s true definition this word as it is agreed upon that it is binding or obligating. Once again, the last tribe to receive knowledge of the universe got it wrong simultaneously destroying the knowledge of those whom they conquered and enslaved and white supremacy was a byproduct. They developed an idealism to obligate the people to a doctrine of gratifying the pleasures flesh in opposition to the physics of life itself. G.O.D. is the geometrical composer of this uni-verse, the under-verse the multi-verse etc. as we are all obligated to creation and not the flesh. Religion is a venue to obligating oneself to the laws of creation to which there is no toll fee, rather religion is the commitment to a life style and way of thinking in
obligation to creation.

One Love

In education there is knowlwdge and is that knowledge is wisdom and in wisdom ther is understanding and in that understanding is Peace and Lovew

Dream of Redemption

In the life of a blessed person in the rebellion of life incarceration is a way of life. Loosing everything you have work a life time for gone. Laying in my rack, lights out searching for the peace of sleep. I have awakened to the wisdom of these three separate dreams. I have now shared the wisdom of these
dreams with you.

Apocalypse SanMan, Life of a Poet

Dr. San Man was reared in Japan, being the son of a Colonel in the United States Army. As a child, he was traveling extensively throughout the U.S. and Far East Asia. Within 12 years of grade school, he attended 14 schools in ten states and 2 countries, eight high schools in five different states, finally
settling down in Tampa, Florida in 1982. At the age of 11, Dr. San Man began writing poetry while living in Pusan, Korea when he was confronted with the fact that the world did not live as well as he’d been led to believe. Dr. San Man has maintained a diary of poetry for over thirty years with topics that entail politics, religion, racism, equality, romance, poverty, ignorance and life in general. He has fought for human rights locally and on state and national levels causing him to run for public office. He has initiated several youth organizations and wrote grants to accomplish the goals he aspired to set forth.

Five Star Guide to Hospitality

In defining the lost are of hospitality described as


S is for surveillance, smile and service

T is for teamwork, trust and talent

A is for attitude, attire and action

R is for restock, relax and respect

With proper insight and instruction this strategy will create memorable moments.