Why, she is the key

She is the KeyIn the book of Revelations, the 12th chapter, the fourth verse, it speaks of a pregnant woman running in the wilderness.  A dragon is after her to devour her child before it is born.  The dragon knew that from the womb of that woman would be a man child that would rule the nations with a rod of iron.  Since ancient times, poetic and philosophical writers have referred to the government as the dragon, leviathan or some great beast of destruction.  Government seeks to lock our children up younger and younger everyday.  How many single mothers in this world are running into the wilderness, so to speak, of modern times?

We must rationalize that a woman is the perpetuator of the future, the workshop of God.  A seed brings forth a man.  The American male has neglected the enormous responsibility that has been bestowed upon him as a man.  He has lost sense of responsibility to himself and to the woman.  This male species looks to the woman as a possession and sex object.  He has exploited her, raped her, beaten her, abused her, cheated on her, lied to her, divorced her, and kicked her to the curb.  He has totally disrespected himself to produce a female who is better at disrespect than the male.  Unearthing the lack of respect for one another, society and ourselves.  His pride is founded on arrogance in which he will not admit, but chooses to deny.  God mad a man (XY) taking from him woman (XX) exemplifying science.  He is the completion of she and together they make one.  Matter moving through the universe manifested, consciousness realized itself, and became a living soul.  Bang, their theory is realized!  Life is granted by God through the woman, therefore, the essence of this asexual being is female.  They produce a man from whom himself conceived female, the man’s job is to produce a woman from the female.

Look at the children, they are a reflection of us, genetically.  Our experiences and everything we encounter becomes a part of our chemistry, thus, compounded with genetically treated food and propagated thoughts.  We have biologically poisoned ourselves as a society.  A male does not make a man and he will never reach manhood until he understands the woman, which is understanding himself.