Mentoring the Youth via the Arts, on an International Level

Pure Poet’s Society a non-profit Corporation

The Pure Poets Society is back!!!

Registered with Sunbiz and Seriously seek an open mic venue, a pod cast, host event, mentor youth, travel and adventure.

“Believe unto thy truth Necessary against kaos and ending destruction”

A Pure Poet is an individual artist dedicated to educating people in the art of the written word, especially children. It is to reach out and touch the mind of the person in need. It is to spread the art of poetry around the world and bring nations and cultures together. Over the years of the Society, we have used all efforts and fund raising to benefit local youth projects.

In forming J.U.I.C.E. (Juveniles In a Community Effort), These youth were educated in a structured military style fashion with reward and pro-motion being earned by academic achievement. Since 2004, we have successfully graduated three classes of cadets, as our motto is now “Never give up.” In addition to other youth projects, we have broadcast on 1520 Hawk Radio through Hillsborough Community College in the past featuring local poets, musician, comedians and local politicians live on the air, and are in the process of getting back on the air soon. It is our goal to provide an open forum for the poet and the poet enthusiast. the juice cadets age 6 to 14 participate in a volley of entrepreneur vocational training. they earn no pay but are allowed to receive tips for financial invocation. the juice cadets earn promotions by learning vocabulary words, as a man think it so is he.   

We invite you to visit us on face to participate in Triple Talent Tuesday coming soon In Historic Ybor City assisting aspiring artist in perfecting the Art of Poetry and entertainment in Unity in the Community, screams the Pure Poets Society who in the past five years has placed over sixty computers in the homes that lacked that technology. In addition to graduating the Classes of Cadet in the Juice program and assisting several young men get into college. I was over whelmed that in 2005 homes in America did not have this technology. Simultaneously HCC asked PPS if we wanted some computers and that is how it all began, and thank to Hillsborough Community College and this year blessed our summer program with much of the resources to insure success.

This made possible with a partnership with the Ybor Art Studio hosting a competition for our communities youth. We are asking them to think about our environment and human survival, then to come up with a creative way to express their feelings, be it through; Poem, Song, Skit, Short Film, Painting, Dance, or. We secured donations from an awesome part of the Historic Ybor City community, and that we thank you all of you for support. Other donations made sure everyone was winner, Publix, Casper’s Corp., Blues Ship Café, Gaspar’s Grotto, Howard Johnson we thank you for your support, right on

"Juveniles United" is a program that offers vocational training for children aged 6-14, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit through community involvement, developing essential skills to succeed in future endeavors.
Triple Talent Tuesday Open Mic
A venue for artists of all ages to gain experience and express their talents to the community.
Prison Ministry
Academic Behavioral Modification via newsletter
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Poetry With A Purpose
School wide annual poetry contest where kids are asked a question and respond by any artistic means available. complemented by an award ceremony where everyone wins
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Volunteer Information

There are different volunteer positions available for Dr. San Man’s outreach in the community! To get more information about them, refer to the handbooks and paperwork below.

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