Religion believe it or not


Religion believe it or not

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After they discovery of the world wasn’t flat as the so-called indigenous person of the world already were aware of that fact. This tribe of people set out to conquer the world in the glory of their enlightenment. This word religion derived from Latin as the scholars argue in it’s true definition this word as it is agreed upon that it is binding or obligating. Once again, the last tribe to receive knowledge of the universe got it wrong simultaneously destroying the knowledge of those whom they conquered and enslaved and white supremacy was a byproduct. They developed an idealism to obligate the people to a doctrine of gratifying the pleasures flesh in opposition to the physics of life itself. G.O.D. is the geometrical composer of this uni-verse, the under-verse the multi-verse etc. as we are all obligated to creation and not the flesh. Religion is a venue to obligating oneself to the laws of creation to which there is no toll fee, rather religion is the commitment to a life style and way of thinking in
obligation to creation.


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